20 May 2004

More Source Control goodness

So I've gotten my hands on an evaluation copy of Borland Together for Visual Studio.NET, as well. Design tool rather than source control ....


Subversion + TortoiseSVN
Subversion + AnkhSVN
(Both plus Subversion command line client)
SourceGear Vault
Borland StarTeam

Vault and StarTeam both support the MS SCC API, so they'll integrate tightly into VS.NET... Anhk appears to but doesn't explicitly say one way or the other, and Tortoise is a Windows shell extension that uses WebDAV to talk to SVN.

My inclination is to favor by default a SCC compliant interface, since that's kind of required to play nicely with VFP without just treating all of its files as binary weirdness.


Blogger oni said...

StarTeam: java based, docs left me kind of disappointed.
SourceGear Vault: Eric Sink has a killer product. I'm surprised that so many people are still writing about SourceSafe (aside from the license inclusion with VS.NET once you get to appropriate levels). When he says "A compelling replacement for sourcesafe", he's damn well meaning it.

Just have to figure out how I'm going to rebuild my home network to support myself in a sufficiently redundant fashion.

I found that I was unwilling to invest the time to find the windows docs for hosting Subversion on the WinXP laptop; I've got too much code to write and not enough time to waste on SA work with SVN - much as I like the idea of free.

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