18 May 2004

Source Control Systems

So, here’re my requirements for a source control system:


1)       supported inside visual studio 2003 (SCC API compliant)

2)       Support (even if its bad) for versioning binary files

3)       Stable data store (Source Safe loses major points here)

4)       Low administrative overhead with teams of 40 or less.

5)       Support for multiple repositories with the same or sharply limited increase in administrative footprint

6)       Normal SCCS “retrospective” functionality – get old versions, compare versions, etc.

7)       Failsafe “Get current version” functionality / shadow directory that shows the most recent revision


Currently, I’m looking at two possible solutions: SourceGear Vault and Tigris’ Subversion. Looks like I will be doing some evaluation at home this week….


Compellingly enough, Vault is available for single users for free.