02 July 2004

Express is a good thing. Really.

Some others (including one of my business partners and the causticTech) seem to think that the Express flavors of the VS2k5 environment need some kind of warnings against use in production.

Without the Empower ISV program (which requires that you agree to make a commercial endeavor to get your application logo certified), the Express line looks like a good way for people with a dayjob to get the VS environment in a fully licensed fashion to develop their business ideas at home, while hunting for the all-holy first customer.

I know I sure as hell don't want "you're not a programmer, you're an idiot" messages popping up in my IDE, and my wife will probably use the Express Web Developer tool on her laptop for two reasons: it's a dinky laptop (4 gig drive). I will use the Express tools because I can't afford to replace my desktop at the moment, and so I can't afford the space for a full up install of VS.NET2k5B1 and VS.NET2k3. OTOH, I'm looking forward to redoing my desktop after running on the same (miraculously stable) install of Win2K for the past 5 years...

I know that if I was teaching computer goo at a Boy Scout Explorers Post or in a school, I'd be flipped-out angry if it popped up "you're not a real programmer" messages.

I know that if the compiler refused to generate certain types of DLLs or EXEs that were the "norm" for the environment I was executing on because of the version of the product I had, I'd go looking for an "unlocked" tool and find one.

I know that the best thing for Microsoft is to have as many developers as possible in love with their platform from the front end to the back. This means the Express SKUs to make their platform approachable and easy to learn...

You can teach someone to program in most modern languages in a few hours.

Teaching someone the art of design and the mindset to actual develop solutions instead of knowing how to turn a textbox some set of colors that it never should have been... that takes years. Most developers I know are still learning this, some more than others. I know I've got a long, long way to go compared to some people I know, or read...