11 November 2005


So, having a couple minutes free with no projects or testing assignments pending, I go to install IE7B1 on a virtual machine (Since no sane individual would want to install a beta that touchesreplaces wininet.dll on a production machine!).

Okay, you need XPsp2. Sure, makes sense.

So I go to WindowsUpdate to install XPSP2... Hmm, won't let me go without activation.

Funny, I seem to remember seeing in MSDN that you shouldn't activate on machines you're using for testing and are likely to reimage. A VM I'm putting an OS beta into certainly seems to fall under that categorization....

So I install XPsp2 from the corporate local copy of it. Restart. Go to install IE7B1....

And what do I see but this:

Nice job, Redmond... Can you please decide which story you are going to stick to?


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